Group counselling | Intersectional approaches to group counselling for survivors of gender-based violence

A self paced E-learning for staff and volunteers who facilitate groups

About this course

Feminist, anti-racism/anti-oppression, and intersectional approaches to group counselling are explored. Counsellors and facilitators will consider:

  • How do people experience violence differently?
  • How can we maintain group goals without compromising the needs of individual survivors?
  • How do systems of power and oppression impact groups? How can these impacts be addressed?
  • How do survivors respond to support and healing strategies differently?

By course completion, counsellors and facilitators will:

  • Have a stronger grounding in theoretical frameworks helpful to survivors of gender-based violence
  • Understand how to integrate theory
  • Receive practical tools and activities
  • Apply strategies to deal with conflicts
  • Apply strategies to strengthen group structures and processes for diverse survivors of violence
  • Explore their role int he group through critical self-reflection questions
Course access

  • Once you enroll, you have 3 months of course access to complete the course.
  • The course length is 6-8 hours.

Who is this course for?

This course is meant for staff and volunteers with some foundational group training or community-based group experience. If you have supported, facilitated or co-facilitated a group in the past or have taken a previous course on group counselling before, this course is probably right for you.

This course will be useful to staff and volunteers from: 

  • Organizations that support those experiencing violence, such as violence-prevention organizations or programs, shelters, community-based counselling programs supporting people experiencing or leaving violence, and rape crisis or sexual assault centres.
  • Other services and programs delivered for those experiencing violence, such as: outreach programs, accompaniment services, peer support counselling, group counselling and 24-hour crisis lines.
  • Organizations that serve newcomers to Canada and refugees.
  • Other organizations that may not have a focus on violence or violence prevention, but may work with populations that are more likely to experience violence, such as: youth-serving organizations, women’s organizations, organizations working with people in conflict with the law, organizations working with homeless or transient populations, or organizations supporting those engaged in substance use.

Cost: $75.

***If you are a student or unemployed/unwaged, please contact for a reduced course fee.

***If you are an organization looking to enroll many staff, students, or volunteers, please contact for group rates on course fees.